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Features Overview

One-Stop for Washoku Cooking!

We also sell non-cooked food products by grams

that we use in our kitchen.

We have sourced high quality products not only from Japan but also from EU or China/Korea. We care the q'ty that you consume and the prices that you pay, including for the package and for the environment.

We offer the same condiments, ingredients, grains, etc. as we actually use for our professional cooking.  Additionally, in the near future, we offer Japanese cooking lessons.  

IMG_2182 (2).JPG

DRIED FOOD characterizes japanese traditional healthy cuisine.

Dried Shiitake Mushroom typically used for making vegetable Dashi broth

Dried Konbu Kelp to make beautiful harmony of Dashi with Shiitake Mushroom

Hijiki is the most tasty sea plant


Red Beans, Black Beans, and Soy Beans        Soy Bean is said to be the most "perfect" food.


Rice as main crop for washoku

IMG_2178 (2).JPG

Rice is the most important crop for the Japanese diet, but we have carefully selected high-quality Italian produce of Japan's top breed Koshi-Hikari.


Genmai (Brown Rice) is a whole grain, with the inedible shell being removed.

Hakumai (White Rice ) is the same grain with the hull, bran layer and cereal germ removed.

12 Mixed Grains adds not only higher nutritional value but also a nice purple color. with black rice.

IMG_2174 (2).JPG

fermented condiments are in the heart of washoku cooking to combine with dashi broth for indulgence.

All these are made with a combination of Rice/ Wheat/Soy Beans, with Koji Aspergillus & Salt in different types of fermentation. They make 1) longer preservation, 2) better taste and flavors with various kinds of amino acid, 3) higher nutrition with various vitamins.  Dark brown color is caused by Millard reaction with longer fermentation.

FROM TOP LEFT: Yonesu Rice Vinegar, Umesu Salted Plum Juice, Shoyu Soy Sauce, Tamari Soy Source (gluten-free)

FROM BOTTOM LEFT: Saikyo Miso, Shinshu Miso, Sendai Miso, and Haccho Miso


Features Overview

SAKE for Japanese is equivalent to your WINE.

Sake is often mistaken as strong spirits but it is a superb wine made of rice with alcohol content of  only ca. 15%.

Sake brewery is proud of creating their fruity aroma and sensible taste by the fermenting the rice starch to sugar, then into alcohol.

勝山 純米吟醸「献」720.jpeg

Katsuyama "KEN" (Junmai Ginjo)

Die hohe Braukunst macht diesen seidig, an Honigmelone erinnernden Sake zu einem Juwel unseres Sortiments. Sieger der Sake Competition 2015, 2016 in Kategorie Junmai Ginjo. Gut gebauter Körper mit Reis-Umami und balanciertem Ausklang. Begleitung zu: Sashimi oder Sushi, Rindersteak, Shabushabu mit Wasabi-Sojasauce. Serviertemperatur: ca. 10°C, Trinkgefäß: Universal Weißweinglas.The following is placeholder text known as “lorem ipsum,” which is scrambled Latin used by designers to mimic real copy. Donec eu est non lacus lacinia semper. Phasellus sodales massa malesuada tellus fringilla, nec bibendum tellus blandit. Quisque congue porttitor ullamcorper. Sed a ligula quis sapien lacinia egestas. Phasellus sodales massa malesuada tellus fringilla, nec bibendum tellus blandit.

作 純米 穂乃智 720.jpg

ZAKU "Ho no TOMO" (Wisdom of ears)

Dieser Allrounder Sake erhielt einen goldenen Preis des Nationalen Sake Wettbewerbes in der Kategorie „Junmai“ (purer Sake) 2015. Trocken, Dezent-fruchtiges Aroma, Reis Umami. Gekühlt (ca. 10°C) oder warm bei ca. 40 - 45°C (im Wasserbad wärmen!) servieren.

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TAYA "Washoku Deli"

TAYA offers a wide variety of  healthy, natural tastes in Japanese cuisine also known as WASHOKU

EAT-IN or TAKE-AWAY - We offer Bento box and a-la-carte to design your Lunchbox.

TRY/TASTE and SELECT - We offer tastings on every dish & sauce in case you are not familiar with our dishes.

BUY and COOK AT HOME - We offer our Japanese ingredients and sauces by grams for you to cook Washoku meals at home.  Don't miss our sake and green tea!


WASHOKU translates to FOOD OF JAPAN. It represents an essential value in Japanese cuisine. It is, by old tradition, plant-based with little to no meat, relying on vegetable protein and little animal protein; at TAYA we are red-meat-free and dairy-free.  We offer nutritious dishes that bring healthy alternatives and propose a new balanced diet. 

DELI is the best format to serve QUICKLY to our customers what we cook SLOWLY